43rd General BCS may be published in December

The notification of the 43rd General BCS may be published in December. Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) job seekers are getting good news this year. The Ministry of Public Administration is working to organize general BCS exams even though many job exams have been stopped due to corona push. Demand for vacancies from various ministries has been submitted to the public administration. After receiving the green signal from the Public Service Commission (PSC), the notification of the 43rd General BCS may be published by December. This information was revealed in a report published in Kaler Kantha on Saturday (November 21). The report is written by Bahram Khan.

The report further said that while recruitment in other sectors of government service in Corona was stopped, more than one recruitment was made in the health sector. The government has also appointed a special BCS for the health cadre. Another special BCS (42nd) is being organized in the health cadre. The Ministry of Public Administration is working to amend some rules in this regard. In the meantime, work is in full swing with the general BCS.

When asked, Public Administration Secretary Sheikh Yusuf Harun said, “Necessary activities are underway to take general BCS.” I hope the notification will be published within this year. ‘

The government has announced age exemptions for job seekers who were notified or were in the final stages of being notified during the general holiday due to corona. In that announcement, it has been mentioned that no age exemption will be given for BCS. According to sources in the Ministry of Public Administration, BCS has a target of publishing notifications between October and December every year. Since BCS has been excluded from the Corona age exemption, it is being considered to organize a general BCS considering the normal time as in other years.

On September 18, the public administration directed to publish a notification on March 25, 2020 for 30 years. It said, “Despite completing all the preparations including clearance for recruitment before March 25, Kavid-19 could not publish the notification due to the situation. The request was made. However, this age exemption does not apply to BCS.

BCS cadre is the number one choice of most young people in government jobs in Bangladesh. Especially since the salary hike at a significant rate in the government service, the highest number of job seekers are participating in BCS. Students from almost all higher education institutions across the country joined the anti-quota movement to increase their chances of entering this prestigious job. In view of the movement, the government was forced to give up the quota in all first and second class government jobs including BCS.

Mahmudul Hasan Masud, a graduate from the Department of Women and Gender Studies, Dhaka University, is preparing to take part in the BCS exam. Asked about the preparations for the new BCS, he said, “We are basically preparing to take part in the preliminary examination of the 41st BCS.” Everyone is eagerly waiting for the test. He said it would be good if the new BCS was announced in the meantime. One can take two tests in preparation. But it is better to start the process of 41st BCS quickly. ‘

From BCS exams to recruitment is a long process. In the last few years, BCS examinations and appointments have been regular. But the coronavirus has spread here too. Those who have passed the last 36th General BCS have been able to complete all the procedures and join the work. At the end of the 38th BCS Viva, the medical test is over. However, it has not been gazetted yet. In the meantime, the 39th Special BCS (Health) activities have been completed and the graduates have joined the work. Even after the first recruitment in this BCS of Corona period, more than two thousand new recruits have been recruited from those who passed. Although the written test of the 40th general BCS, the result was not published. The notification of the 41st BCS was published on November 26 last year. The job seekers were hoping for the exam in March-April. But that test was postponed because of Corona. Now PSC could not give any exact date of when the exam will be held.

Meanwhile, the process of appointing some more doctors is also underway under the direction of the Prime Minister. It is said that it will be completed through the 42nd special BCS. According to the relevant sources, non-cadre jobs are now running in PSC. If it ends in November, a new test date may be set in December.

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